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Steve McQueen The Great Escape Original Quad Poster (1963)

Steve McQueen The Great Escape Original Quad Poster (1963)


The Great Escape (1963), Original British Quad film poster, Linen Backed, 30 x 40 inches, not framed.


This is a true story. Although the characters are composites of real men, and time and place have been compressed, every detail of the GREAT ESCAPE is the way it really happened.”…”The Great Escape”…One of the biggest films of all times, one of the hardest British film posters to find…This is a VERY RARE poster that doesn’t often appear for sale. This was a film about the most daring prisoner of war escape attempt of all time with a cast of actors so strong that it was a wonder they got this movie made in the first place with all of the egos involved ! A very rare and collectable poster with Frank McCarthy artwork. Unusually McQueen is depicted as an RAF airman (the only poster to feature this image) which perhaps prompted the British tagline…”A glorious saga of the RAF”.


  • Additional Information

    Title: The Great Escape

    • Actor / actress : Steve McQueen, James Garner
    • Nationality : United Kingdom
    • Year : 1963
    • Condition : Mint, Linen Backed, Framed.
    • Type : Original British Quad  
    • Size : 30 x 40 Inches
  • Original Trailer

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