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James Bond - Dr No Vintage Poster

James Bond - Dr No Vintage Poster

Mitchell Hooks artwork for the first Bond film, produced in 1962 and first released in the USA the following year.


Mitchell Hooks was the first artist to paint James Bond on a film poster and he has Sean Connery posing with a smoking gun in the right hand and a cigarette in the left. Bond looks very suave and is dressed in a dinner suit. This image was used all around the world at the time and formed the blueprint which later poster campaigns would borrow from. In introducing Ian Fleming's Agent James Bond scantily clad beautiful women were to play a major part in creating the James Bond image and are very much evident here striking dominant poses.

  • Additional Information

    Title: James Bond (007) - Dr. No

    • Film: James Bond Dr. No
    • Poster Release Date :    Original 1962 and also re-release 1980
    • Condition : The condition is brand new. Mint, framed. 
    • Size : Frame 43cm x 53cm / Picture 29cm x 39cm
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