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Death Vengeance (aka Fighting back) Original Quad Poster (1982)

Death Vengeance (aka Fighting back) Original Quad Poster (1982)


Death Vengeance as it was known in the UK (Fighting Back ) (1982) British Quad original film poster, starring Tom Skerritt, Patti LuPone, Michael Sarrazin & Yaphet Kotto, Paramount Pictures,  30 x 40 inches (folded), unframed.


The film opens with Philadelphia TV reporters viewing and broadcasting a news story about violence in society since JFK Assassination in 1963. With the increase in crime, Philadelphia is becoming unsafe. Proud Italian-American John D'Angelo (Tom Skerritt) runs a deli in town. While driving with his wife, Lisa (Patti LuPone), D'Angelo comes across a pimp known as Eldorado (Pete Richardson) brutalizing one of his prostitutes. John's wife confronts the pimp and the pimp chases the D'Angelos, ramming his car into the back of the D'Angelos' vehicle, injuring Lisa and killing their unborn baby. Later, John's mother, Vera (Gina DeAngles) is assaulted in the neighbourhood by robbers who tried to take her wedding ring.


  • Additional Information

    • Title: Death Vengeance (also known as Fighting Back
    • Actor / actress : Tom Skerritt, Yaphet Kotto
    • Nationality :  Original UK Quad Poster
    • Year : 1982
    • Condition : Mint, folded, unframed.
    • Size : 30x 40 Inches
  • Original Trailer

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