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Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon British Original Quad Poster (1973)

Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon British Original Quad Poster (1973)


Rightly regarded as one of the key and most collectable movie posters from the 1970s for a film that created its own unique genre and provided the vehicle to launch Bruce Lee as a screen & cultural icon. Bob Peak created the artwork and his design was used globally as the imagery became as memorable as its late star. Whilst the core artwork remained the same slight variations appeared in different countries with the UK landscape format probably the most striking as the action imagery (including a nun-chuk wielding Bruce Lee) was offset against a bright yellow background. Offered here is an exceptional UK quad film poster from first year of release in 1973. This quad poster represents an extremely scarce and collectable example of original movie memorabilia & a fitting tribute to the martial arts legend BRUCE LEE.  This picture is professionally framed and linen backed, in mint condition.

  • Additional Information

    • Title :  Enter the Dragon
    • Actor / Actress :  Bruce Lee / John Saxon
    • Nationality : United Kingdom
    • Year :  1973
    • Condition : Mint in Frame fully Linen Backed
    • Type : Original British Quad
    • Size : 30 x 40 inches
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